KS2 Science and Art workshops

KS2 Science Workshops are led by Becky Harris-Jones (BSc Hons.).  Through the workshops Becky aims to interest, motivate and inspire children to learn more about our wildlife and countryside. All workshops are highly creative and use 3D models, scientific experiments, collage, claywork, film footage and real examples to bring the topic to life.

As well as the full day workshops we offer KS1 and KS2 Talks which provide shorter sessions investigating the topics in depth (using powerpoint presentation, photographs, film footage and practical experimentation).

The KS2 Science Workshops and Talks currently available focus on wildlife and the British Countryside through two key curriculum areas:

  • Life Processes & Living Things
  • Art & Design.

KS2 Science Workshops and Talks currently available are:
1. Bumblebees and their role in pollination.
2. Trees of the British Countryside.
3. Oak Trees and their web of life.

During the day time is also given for children to reflect on their learning through sharing brief presentations.

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Please click below for a downloadable letter regarding the workshops and talks available.


Creating a Bumblebee Garden workshop (Yr 6)

The talk to the class was "Spot on" and the workshop content and instruction sheets were "Great".
"I didn't know there are so many types and their life cycles are so complicated." (Yr 6 Pupil)
Danes Hill 2013

Creating a Buzz Talks (Reception)

"The pitch was perfect for Reception. Lots of visual resources, films to watch excellent information without being too technical."
Surrey Hills School 2013

Bumblebee paintings (Yr 4)

“Many teachers have commented on the quality of work produced which clearly reflects the impact the session had on the children."
The Sherwood Primary 2013